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Saturday, February 25, 2012

What is wrong with our world?

I just read an article by Patricia Sanchez that can be found at

She begins by asking us to list what is wrong with our world and gives a long list which we can all make for ourselves. Then comes the question that is the most important: Who is responsible? The truth is that we can only change ourselves but in doing so we change the world. This is a consoling thought for me today.

I am thinking of going back to our Constitutions for inspiration for at least some of my reflections during Lent. We have been asked to pray over them and to see the connection with justice, peace, and the integrity of creation which is part of our charism.

God's mercy and faithfulness
shine forth in a world
wounded by sin.
He has sent His beloved Son
who became one of us, and gave up His life,
to set us free, to make us a new creation
and to gather together all things in Himself
for the glory of His Father.

Let us remember today that God's mercy and faithfulness do shine forth in our world; God has sent His beloved Son who became one of us, like us in all things except sin, so that we can relate to Jesus and realize that He is present to us today to help us to become the person He wants each of us to be. He made each of us unique and gave His life to show us how much He loves us. We want to return His love by helping Him in the gathering of all things for the glory of His Father.

We can all profit from thinking positive thoughts today and praying for our world!

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