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Friday, February 17, 2012

Back from the West

This is a picture of an Arizona sunset. I had a fabulous time both in California and in Arizona and it was good to take two weeks off without working on the computer. I did have Power-Points for the retreat in California and so I carried my computer out and back but seldom used it. I think I am spending too much time on the computer so it was good for me to take a little vacation from it. I am still addicted to Scrabble but play it on my Kindle! I may give up Scrabble for Lent since I am really finding it an addiction!

The retreat went well in California according to the feedback received by the others at Oakwood and passed on to me. Some really enjoyed learning about different kinds of prayer and I hope some will also be looking for a spiritual companion to share their prayer life and give support. The group at my sister's parish in Scottsdale was also delightful and I spoke there for a couple of hours after Mass to them; they are men and women who give up Wednesday morning to be nourished spiritually.
I was with many wonderful people during those two weeks and feel that I was enriched by them; it is good to be home though and yesterday I was at the University for Mass and my faculty faith-sharing. Today I am back on my blog and reflecting back with gratitude on all the graces of the past two weeks. It was such a joy to see my niece (first time in three years) and to hear about her four children who are growing up in a small town in Oregon.
The youngest is now in first grade and the oldest is a junior in high school! There are three boys and one girl, Teresa, who I do follow on Face book!
Now we are only a few days before Lent so we all are wanting to reflect on what those six weeks will mean for us this year. I love this Sunday's Gospel when Jesus rewards the faith of the four friends who brought the paralytic to Jesus; first, Jesus forgives his sins and then Jesus tells him to take up his bed and go home.

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