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Friday, February 24, 2012

Calendar Dates

Do you ever forget what you are supposed to be doing and need to look at your calendar? I suspect we all do, but I was one who usually remembered what I was supposed to be doing and when without needing to look at a calendar.. those days are gone and now I am not sure I even trust my calendar. I have a meeting scheduled up in north Hollywood (almost an hour's drive from my house) and do not want to miss it but find that I have no message reminding me about the meeting and so I need to find out if what I marked down on my calendar in January is still valid; I guess this is a result of going away for two weeks, too. The point is that I am still catching up with myself.
It is my sister's birthday today. It is interesting that I remember celebrating my own birthday parties and cannot remember parties for Betty and I am sure she had a party every year when we were growing up.
We had a Mass in the community last night which is always a grace. As you can see, my thoughts are on checking about my meeting instead of this blog so I will leave you with this thought: Jesus is with us and always accessible and that is such a gift for us to realize!

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