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Monday, April 9, 2012

Chilean Sunrise

Today, Easter Monday, I am filled with joy because Jesus is risen and continues to go around giving consolation to each of us during these forty days as he did when on earth. The homily yesterday stressed how much we are loved and loved in a unique way as each of us is different and unique. However, we are all daughters and sons of God, created in his image and likeness to receive his love and to give it. I am especially grateful for the twenty years in Chile where I experienced in so many different ways the immense love of God.

Chile now has an international novitiate and we must pray for the novices and for all those who are helping to form them. I also am praying for all our young nuns in Rome who are preparing for their final profession.

I am grateful for the years I worked in formation in Chile, the years on the Mission Team there, the many directed retreats I was able to give to our Religious and to the tremendous experience of being able to help so many realize how much we are loved by God at every moment.

It is a day to rejoice and to look back and thank for the many graces we have each received.

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