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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sharing the Joy of Jesus

We are all called to share the joy of Jesus. I guess these days with the "aftershock" of all that is being written about the LCWR we need to think of how the Apostles, after the Resurrection of Jesus, rejoiced to suffer for Him and continued their ministry with joy.

Tom Roberts said this is in one of the latest articles and I think it worth repeating here:
"Through the long arc of their history in the United States, it is a simple fact that women religious built the church. We wouldn't have the Catholic school system without them. We wouldn't have a hospital system without them. We wouldn't today have a Catholic presence in many of the worst parts of our cities without them. We wouldn't have ministry to the displaced, unwanted and hurting without them. In many cases we wouldn't have any ministries or education programs in our parishes and dioceses without them. And in some of the priest-poor sections of the country, we wouldn't have parishes without them."

 I think more people are going to start thinking about the same questions that the Vatican wants to stop women religious from even discussing; it may take many years to change the way Rome sees things, but we have changed about other things so I think the Holy Spirit is very present in the work of women religious.

I seem to have been given a new form for this blog and do not know how it will look when I publish it but change is part of life! Let us rejoice and be glad for the Lord is truly risen!

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