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Saturday, April 14, 2012

I must love the questions...

Here is a quote I love from Alice Walker:

"I must love the questions themselves as Rilke said the locked rooms full of treasure to which my blind and groping key does not yet fit.
and await the answers as unsealed letters mailed with dubious intent and written in a very foreign tongue."

And the Scripture question is Mary's "But how can this come about?"

I have an image of a locked room full of treasure as I ask myself some of the questions that come to mind while pondering Delio's book, "The Emergent Christ" and also her "Christ in Evolution". Both books have been feeding my soul but also stirring up questions about my own part in Christ's evolutionary project of uniting all in the Cosmic Christ. I have a deep relationship with Jesus and He is drawing me into a much bigger kind of universal relationship with all in the Body of Christ. I am just trying to love the questions at this point!

In the meantime, I am loving the Easter season and hope you are, too.

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