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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Jesus asks good questions

One of the most interesting studies I did for myself once was to go through the Gospels and study all the questions that Jesus asks. You will find over a hundred and then think about the circumstances, the place and the people, when praying over the question. Perhaps that little project made me aware of how often Jesus is asking me a question right now! And Jesus waits for me to answer.
Yesterday I was struck by the conversation Jesus has with the two disciples on the road and how he begins by asking them a couple of questions and then they pour out all that is in their hearts. I think that happens to us in prayer, too. Then, sometimes Jesus and I just sit there in silence, but sometimes I feel not only loved and understood, but Jesus seems to be talking to me.
I am off to the University but ask you all to pray for my Provincial whose mother died on Easter Tuesday. Her name was Martha and she had a large family with many grandchildren and great-grandchildren. The funeral is tomorrow. My father died many years ago on Easter Monday so this is also a time of remembering for me.

Jesus asks good questions; he also is willing to listen to us when we answer!

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