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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Jesus still surprises us

Last night someone came for spiritual direction and gave me this quote from Father Jean Pierre de Caussade. I want to share it with you as I am really certain from my own experience that Jesus goes about during these forty days before the Ascension consoling us in many ways. Here is the quote:

"Faith sees the work of divine action in everything. It sees that Jesus Christ lives in all things, extending his influence over the centuries so that the briefest moment and the tiniest atom contain a portion of that hidden life and its mysterious work. Jesus Christ, after his resurrection, surprised the disciples when he appeared before them in disguise... the same Jesus still lives and works among us, still surprises...there is no moment when God is not manifest...everything that happens to us, in us, and through us, embraces and conceals God's divine but veiled purpose...if we could pierce that veil and if we were vigilant and attentive, God would unceasingly reveal himself to us and we would rejoice in his works... and we would say, 'It is the Lord.'"

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