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Monday, April 16, 2012

Via Lucis or Easter Stations

The paschal Way of Light (Via Lucis) is a new religious practice proper to the post-Easter liturgical period. There are fourteen stations and it makes sense to celebrate them after having used the devotion of the Way of the Cross during the season of Lent.
Here are the Stations and you can do your own reflecting on each.
Jesus rises from the dead.
The disciples find the empty tomb.
Jesus appears to Mary Magdalene.
Jesus walks with the disciples to Emmaus.
Jesus reveals himself in the breaking of the bread.
Jesus appears to the Disciples.
Jesus confers on his disciples the power to forgive sins.
Jesus confirms Thomas in faith.
Jesus appears to his disciples on the shore of Lake Galilee.
Jesus confers primacy on Peter.
Jesus entrusts his disciples with a universal mission.
Jesus ascends into heaven.
Mary and the disciples await the coming of the Holy Spirit's Pentecost.
Jesus sends the Spirit promised by the Father to his disciples.

These fourteen stations are from Father Richard Veras who published them in this month's Magnificat.

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