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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Centered in God

The Christmas season is supposed to be over but I still want to contemplate the Infant Jesus. In the meantime, I will continue with a few thoughts from the Pope's homily in honor of St. Peter Favre.

"Favre experienced the desire to let the center of his heart be occupied by Christ. Only when centered in God is it possible to go out towards the peripheries of the world! And Favre journeyed without respite even to geographical frontiers; indeed, it was said of him that he appeared to have been born never to stay still in any one place. Favre was consumed by the intense desire to communicate the Lord. If we do not have the same desire, then we need to pause a while in prayer and, with silent fervor, ask the Lord, through the intercession of our brother Pierre, that we might again experience the fascination of the Lord who led Pierre in his 'apostolic follies'".

Am I consumed by the desire to communicate the Lord?

We know this Jesuit by the name of Peter Faber! He was the first Jesuit ordained a priest and Ignatius and the others made their first vows at his Mass.

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