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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Snow and Sun

I am often aware of how many in this country and elsewhere are suffering from snow and ice and are not able to get out. Here we enjoy warm sunshine most days and forget the hardships of winter. Our "snowbirds" (Northerners who spend the winter in South Florida) are out in full force so traffic is even worse than usual. Still, I understand the desire to have sun instead of snow. I have not been out for ten days but finally feel that my cold and cough are going away. I am not good at praying or reflecting on spiritual things when I am ill. However, my gratitude journal is full of little things that I never notice usually. I look back over the day and think how good it is that I can make toast for breakfast, that I can just sit and think about life, family, friends, and offer all to God. I have had such a quiet week and have had time for Words with Friends (lots of games this past week), Scrabble with computer players, reading books on my Kindle, and just being lazy. I was also really miserable for much of the week and the games and books a great distraction.
I also reflected that so many cannot have the luxury of a week of just sitting around - cold or no cold, so many need to get to work. I felt privileged and hope to get energy back this week.

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