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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Why did Jesus go to be baptized by John?

Why does anyone leave home? I think there is usually a desire for something more; something builds up inside of a person and they just know that it is time to move but I am not sure they know why. Anyway, I think that Jesus had prayed and discerned before making the decision to go to see what John was doing on the other side of the Jordan. I am sure he talked it all over with his mother. He leaves and never really returns to live in Nazareth, but I do not think he knew yet what he was called to do. That comes after he goes into the water and is baptized. Then there is a revelation; the Father calls Jesus his beloved son and says that he is pleased with him. The Spirit leads Jesus into the desert and I think that is when his vocation is gradually revealed to Him. He is to go out and spread the good news of the Reign of God and to teach, heal, and preach.
We do not always know that God wants and need to be in touch with the Holy Spirit and listen to the voice of the Father. God is always with us and calling us to greater things.

I am now trying to read a daily commentary on each day's Gospel from Notre Dame. You may want to check it out:
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