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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Busy week ahead

Tonight, I have the last meeting with the faculty spirituality group from Carrollton. They are bringing food for the supper before our meeting. They will continue to meet as they find it life-giving to pray and share together. I will miss them.

My niece is also arriving this evening so one of my community is going to pick her up in Fort Lauderdale. She is coming to help me clear out and pack; my sister will come at the end of April so I may not always be writing my blog during this time. Tomorrow, after the Mass at the University, my faith-sharing group is being anointed! You know, one can receive the Sacrament of Healing often now and I find it a real grace and so we are going to receive it together.

Now for at least one spiritual thought for the day: " Come to Me," says the Lord, "and I will give you rest." I think Jesus wants us to turn to Him for all we need and He loves to help us when we ask Him. He also wants us to learn that He is meek and humble of Heart! I have noticed that my journal has several entries that include or end with "Lord, help me!"

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