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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Help comes from many

I am trying to get rid of everything that I do not need to take to Oakwood with me. Several of my friends have offered to help us close this house. One helper who has given up some of her Saturday mornings to come and just do whatever I ask of her, is a little girl who is in the sixth grade. I had given books away to some of the members of one of my spirituality groups and one took home a book of poems. Her oldest child, the sixth grader, loved it and wondered if she could come and look at my books. She came, helped me sort through several hundred and was happy to find a few that were suitable for her as I had some childhood classics. I found her so quiet, organized, and willing, that she really was a great help and she seems to enjoy helping me so she has returned and will be here again today. I feel that she is a gift from God. Her younger sister is also willing and wanting to come, I think, but I will wait on that offer.
My niece arrives next week and I am counting on her to get my room emptied in less than a week. In the meantime, I am slowly going through papers - I stop to read instead of just throwing away.
If I am writing all of this in a blog, it is because I need the help of prayer to really clear out all that I have collected. I do not need to keep records of past years so just pitch and be glad. Having few things - just what is essential- makes for joy.

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