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Monday, April 18, 2016

New week to love and serve the Lord

Monday opens a new week to love and serve the Lord. I was thinking that we have so many opportunities to spread joy and be grateful for friends and family, health and humor, the fact that we are not homeless and hungry - so many want the basics and have not enough to eat, lack clean water, have no one who cares for them. I pray for these, but I also thank God for His many gifts.

In getting rid of the Journals that I have written over the years, I realize that there is such a continuity on our lives of graces that are received every day. We often are not aware at the time, but we can always go back and thank for them. I need to go back to keeping a gratitude journal. I used to do this and it was a great help to keep me concentrated on the good things of each day.

I found myself the other day suggesting to a group of mothers who have been meeting with me that they ask each of the family to name what they are most grateful for each day. Then I thought I should be doing this with my own community!

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