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Saturday, April 30, 2016

"Remain in my Love"

Sometimes a refrain keeps repeating itself as I go through the day.
Lately, it has been Jesus telling me, "Remain in my love" and I am trying to do that. This time of saying good-byes, packing, and getting rid of so much of my life is not easy for me. I find it very consoling to hear and repeat "Remain in my love." I want all my friends to remain in the love of Jesus and in my love, too.

One task I knew I was not able to do but one that needed to be done was to destroy the thirty or forty journals that I had saved. Fortunately, my niece did this for me. I met a Sister after Mass at the University and told her how difficult it was to see my life being thrown in the trash. She came back with, "Now how shall we canonize you without your writings?" My journals were not really worth saving, and I have the one I am writing in now that I began last Advent. And I have some lovely blank ones to write in when I finish the currant journal, but one does feel the loss of so many memories contained in the journals, but the best memories live on inside of me.

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