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Friday, April 15, 2016

Time is greater than space

From "The Joy of Love":
Since “time is greater than space”, I would make it clear that not all discussions of doctrinal, moral or pastoral issues need to be settled by interventions of the magisterium. Unity of teaching and practice is certainly necessary in the Church, but this does not preclude various ways of interpreting some aspects of that teaching or drawing certain consequences from it. This will always be the case as the Spirit guides us towards the entire truth (cf. Jn 16:13), until he leads us fully into the mystery of Christ and enables us to see all things as he does. Each country or region, moreover, can seek solutions better suited to its culture and sensitive to its traditions and local needs. For “cultures are in fact quite diverse and every general principle... needs to be inculturated, if it is to be respected and ....

This excerpt helps us to see how broad-minded the Pope is. He is in touch with our humanity and the Holy Spirit has given him the gift of mercy!

I have trouble explaining what the Pope means that "time is greater than space" but know that the Pope puts people before doctrines and, although he upholds the teachings of the Church, he does believe that they are to be interpreted today with discernment and mercy. He is sensitive to the differences of culture, traditions and local needs. Would that the entire Church would also listen to the Holy Spirit and be open to what God is asking of us today.

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