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Wednesday, April 27, 2016


The picture is of a Chilean sunrise and makes me think of all the graces I received in my 20 years living and working among the wonderful people there. I find that often my morning meditation or prayer time is filled with memories that I now want to thank God for and that maybe I did not appreciate enough at the time. I was thinking today of how I nearly died in September of 2014 and how long it took for me to recover any strength; when I look back at those months, I see what a grace it was to have that time mostly alone with God.

Now, as I prepare to bring closure to the last thirty years of my life here in Miami, I again am filled with gratitude for so many graces; I have made good friends, have had some wonderful years at the University with interesting and loveable students, have enjoyed this huge city with so many nationalities, and have found God in all.
Let us thank God today for all the graces we have received and may not have taken the time even to say a simple "thank you"!

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