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Saturday, February 2, 2019

Feast of the Purification

I am tempted to let the pictures be the reflection for the day. I love this feast because I can imagine what it must have been like for Mary to hear the prophecy about her Son and then to hear that her own soul a sword would pierce...

Since I did promise to share more on my Guided Imagery Retreat, here is what I wrote after the second GIM with my guide:
I am a bird flying high in the sky. There is a storm below but I am being drawn to the sun. But then I see another light- this light draws me in and I feel that the Light is God, all three Persons in the Trinity are in the Light and I am there as myself now - not a bird- and I am feeling God loving me. The love of all Three Persons is pouring into me and filling me with love and joy! This love overflows into the world. It is such a good feeling and penetrates every part of my body. I feel this love and only want to be totally open to receive God's love and let it flow through me to the whole world.
Then I am conscious of the Three Persons and drawn deeper into the Light while feeling infused with this love of all Three. I am possessed by God who only wants me to allow Him to love me....
There is more, but that seems to be all I can share today.

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