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Thursday, February 7, 2019

i was snowed in...

Having scheduled my blog ahead before I left for Lake Tahoe, I said I was home again on Monday. I really thought I would be but we had six days instead of four in this really beautiful spot. I took pictures but need to transfer them from my I-pad. We actually had a blizzard and over three feet of snow that also stuck to the trees and made it a spectacular scene. I had taken books to read, but mostly I just sat and contemplated the beauty of the scene before me. It was different each day, but really amazing. We finally were able to get out this morning and I arrived home at five this evening. I enjoyed the week immensely and had two great companions. We took turns cooking; I made a pot roast dinner that was delicious and I was relieved as it has been almost three years since I have cooked! There was plenty for Sunday dinner, too. 
I am just grateful for those days of quiet and will be sharing the pictures I took from the window in front of me. More tomorrow, God willing. 

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