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Monday, February 4, 2019

Home again!

It is always good to be home again but the days at Lake Tahoe were very special. I will write more about the freedom of these days tomorrow. Today I will finish sharing from the Guided Imagery Retreat. This was my third session with my Guide and the last. This one was different and I guess it is partly the music that brings the images. I began this one in Ireland on my birthday and I am taking a hot bath in the hotel after a night on the plane. My sister is asleep. I want to go to a late lunch and she finally agrees to get up and go with me.
Then we seem to be at a huge Waterford Crystal store and my sister is explaining the qualities and I am struck by the idea of transparency.
Then I am skipping joyfully up a path and when I reach the top of the hill, I can see the ocean below the cliff. Then a shepherd comes; it is Jesus and he shows me a rock where we can both sit. He seems happy with me and wants me to know that I am just to be myself. Then He invites me to walk with Him.  Jesus takes me to the other side of the hill and shows me His Flock way below. They are people, not sheep, and He seems to want me to help shepherd them. Before I feel hesitant about this enormous task, angels appear and each is a Guardian Angel and they fly to the person they guard and my Guardian Angel is with me and I am so happy to see her. 
Now I am condensing this last part but the message is that God is loving me all the time and Jesus tells me: "I have work for you; you are to be a shepherd.

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