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Thursday, February 14, 2019

Happy Valentine's Day

A very Happy Valentine's Day to all. I keep thinking of that day fifty-nine years ago when I arrived in Chile from Rome.  It was a long flight and we arrived late. There was not much to remember about the flight except that we were very hot in our habits with sweaters underneath as Rome was so cold and we arrived in summer in Chile. I was touched to see that the two who had come to meet us at the airport that night were the Superior Vicar and the Mistress of Novices. We returned to Maestranza, the first convent we built in Chile with some 13 different patios as it had housed a boarding school, a normal school, a poor school, a large community, and numerous works.

I have been writing Valentines for our different groups of staff plus some individuals and it is such a good way to thank them for all they do for us. We are short of help and some have even taken double shifts to be able to care for us. I am in Westwood so we do not see or need help except for cleaning and one or two may need something else, but many in Oakwood need help to go to bed and then get dressed in the morning. Actually, I think Valentine's Day is a great day for expressing gratitude for God's love, our love for one another, and love for all of creation.

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