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Friday, January 17, 2020

Being grateful

I think that God sometimes just sends sickness to slow us down and let us sink into silence. I am not yet feeling up to thinking but have enjoyed the silence and God always provides what we need. One of my high school companions sent me a box with Christmas gifts. It came while I was in the hospital. One is a very large red electric candle that seems so real and I am thrilled to have it for prayer. Another is a silver angel holding a heart and it is a bell. I think it is to be hung on a tree, but I have it sitting next to the candle and love it. Then, one of the retreatants from the retreat that I had to leave, sent me a stone painted green with a big BE in red. If I turn it around, the word KIND is on the back. Just little things that help me as I finish ten days without Mass and in isolation.
Tomorrow, I think I can go to Mass as long as I sit in the back. That will make a difference!

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