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Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Final sharing of guided imagery

Here is the rest of the Guided Imagery that I have been staying with all week. I am still confined to my room and not feeling very good. It is helpful to stay with my images as I never find praying is easy when ill.
I left off in the Garden on the Hillside. I walk slowly up the path enjoying the beauty and watching the deer, the bunnies, the many small birds who all seem to be at home with me. As I near the top, I veer off the path to go sit on a stone ledge. I look over and see the ocean below. The ocean is always an image of God, His immense love. I think that maybe heaven looks like this. It is so beautiful, so peaceful and the animals so tame. Someone must take good care of this lovely hillside as there are flower all along the path.
I am now with God, the Angels and the Saints and I want to praise God, just rest in God. His Love is penetrating every particle of my being. I would like to die now as this is so heavenly but God says there is more for me to do. Then I am just feeling God's love so intensely in all parts of my body.

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