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Thursday, January 2, 2020

The Grace of a Guided Imagery Retreat

Today, I go to Santa Cruz to stay at the Dominican vacation house until January 9. Last year we began going over to Villa Maria del Mar in the next block for all our meals. It was cold and stormy and so dark at night that we needed flashlights! Fortunately, I think the weather forecast is better this year. It will be my fourth guided imagery retreat and each has been a grace. I am convinced that God speaks to us through our imaginations. This kind of retreat really stays with you as you are asked to do quite a bit of work after each GIM session. You need to identify all the images, symbols, your feelings, etc. and spend time in prayer reflecting on what God is trying to tell you through the images that come as your guide is selecting the music and also writing down whatever you say. That is important for I often forget a key phrase I heard. 
I do ask prayer for these days. I will be scheduling my blog ahead as I have some wonderful quotes to share with you before I go.
One of my sisters has lent me a great flashlight!

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