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Wednesday, January 22, 2020

The importance of worship in our daily lives

This beautiful picture is right here in California. We have a beautiful state and I love to see hills after so many years in South Florida. I have been mostly confined to my room since coming home from the hospital on January 10, but I made it to Mass today and had my retreatants all here for an hour this morning.

I know I spoke of how much the Pope's homily for the feast of the Epiphany meant to me when I found a copy in my room thanks to one of my sisters. I am not sure I shared much on my blog so I will share this today: "Worship means going to Jesus without a list of petitions, but with one request alone: to abide with him. It is about discovering that joy and peace increase with praise and thanksgiving. In worship, we allow Jesus to heal and change us. In worship, we make it possible for the Lord to transform us by his love, to kindle light amid our darkness, to grant us strength in weakness and courage amid trials. Worship means concentrating on what is essential: ridding ourselves of useless things and addictions that anesthetize the heart and confound the mind."

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