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Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Floating on a cloud

Here is the continuation of the Guided Imagery I had; after feeling so relaxed and even joyful on my fluffy white cloud, I was slowly taken up into space and then met God in a brilliant light. I felt God's love penetrate into every particle of my being. I feel so loved and do not need to do anything. I feel open, surrendered to God and want to praise God.
Then, somehow I am in my chair in the Chapel and God is still surrounding me with His Light and Love. Our Lady comes to sit with me, in the chair next to me, and she holds my hand. I feel the angels and the whole Communion of Saints present.
Then the music takes me out on a beautiful hillside with flowers, trees, tame animals and a lovely path. I begin to climb the path slowly as it goes up the hill. It could be the Garden of Paradise.

The rest must wait until tomorrow as this pneumonia has taken all my energy.

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