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Saturday, March 14, 2020

Be who you are

Today, I have another thought from Living an Examined Life for our reflection. Hollis says that "the moment we realize that our life is really in our own hands, that it is a spiritual summons to be honored and that we deprive others by not bringing our more developed selves to share, the we realize permission is not something given--but something to be seized. And from that, a larger life of service to a force greater than we are, begins. And from that turn, we get our life back, the life intended by the gods in the first place. As Jung observed once, life is a short pause between two great mysteries. I cannot imagine a better, more succinct definition of life that that--though I add that it is up to us to make that pause as luminous as possible."

I wonder if that realization that our life is in our own hands, a spiritual something that happens at different turning points in our lives. This has led me to examine my own life.

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