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Friday, March 6, 2020

First Friday

Today is the First Friday of March. This picture of Jesus is one that seems very much like a picture I was given for helping the Sisters wash the glasses after supper when a was a weekly boarder at the Convent of the Sacred Heart in St. Charles. I hung it in my room at home and it seemed as if Jesus was always there with me and looking with love on me. 
I love First Friday and we will have a special morning because the Children of Mary come to our Mass which is at 9:30 to give them time to drive here without having to get caught in early morning traffic. One of the faculty is giving us a talk after the Mass and the coffee and sweet rolls. 
The following is a quote from Sister Shirley Miller, RSCJ: 
"Devotion to the Sacred Heart is incarnational, relational and transformational. We are all called to invite God's love to transform our own hearts into the hearts of love and to allow that love to flow freely from our hearts our to others."

It is worth reflecting on today; it is also part of the closing prayer of the Busy Persons' Retreat here at Atherton.

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