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Friday, March 20, 2020

Chapter Calls

This picture reminds me of two of our Chapter calls: 
The first was to reach new frontiers: "To go out, to "set sail" as a Society and go with others to new geographic and existential peripheries' to accompany the life that is emerging there, to defend justice, peace, and the integrity of creation in response to all of those who are searching for meaning in their lives, those who have been wounded, displaced, and excluded because of poverty, violence, and environmental degradation.

The call to create silence:
"To deepen our interior life, our capacity for contemplation and listening to the heartbeat of God in ourselves and in our world; to discern in silence and welcome the action of the Spirit that transforms us, energizes us, and calls us to live our prophetic and educational mission."

This picture led me to copy both of these call of our Chapter 2016 and I think I shall continue with the other two calls tomorrow as we sometimes forget all we have said trying to explain how we are to live these calls.

I really do see the connection in my own mind between these two calls and the picture of the ice-skater. Do you see it, too?

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