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Friday, March 13, 2020

Friday the 13th

California is such a beautiful state. We will not be going out for the next month or more, but our grounds are lovely and the patio with its two redwoods outside my window is a delight all year long.

I think it time to continue with some thoughts from the book, Living an Examined Life: Wisdom fora the Second Half of the Journey by James Hollis, PhD.  
"A mature spirituality does not offer certainty: it offers mystery. It offers depth, it obliges reframing our understandings, and it requires growing up psychospiritually. … The bigger picture for all of us is found in asking from time to time, "What is my life about, really?"....What does it mean to be here? To what am I called? What values, traits, and capacities must I embody in my life?"

Let us ponder some of these questions today so that we are living an examined life.

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