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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Be Kind

The second of the 50 Ways to Keep Your Soul Alive by Frederic A. Brussat is Be Kind.
"We cannot make the Kingdom of God happen, but we can put out leaves as it draws near. We can be kind to each other. We can be kind to ourselves. We can drive back the darkness a little. We can make green places within ourselves where God can make his Kingdom happen." (From The Clown in the Belfry by Frederick Buechner.)

So let us strive to be kind today and know that this is a way to keep our souls alive!
It takes time to be kind, but I think of all those who are out there waiting to hear a kind word from me by cards or e-mails or in person. We never think we are being unkind, but how often do we plan our day to seek to be kind? Today I begin!
Lord, you are so kind to me, help me to be kind to others in my thoughts, words, and deeds today. Above all, let me remember that I am also to be kind to myself!

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