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Thursday, November 8, 2007

Seek the Sacred in the Ordinary

The third way to keep your soul alive is to Seek the Sacred in the Ordinary.
Frederic A. Brussat in his 50 Ways to Keep Your Soul Alive quotes Abraham Maslow "The great lesson from the true mystics is that the sacred is in the ordinary, that is is found in one's daily life, in one's neighbors, friends, and family, and in one's backyard."
Some people have the gift of finding the sacred in the ordinary; others, like myself, need to cultivate this gift. God is present. Let us learn to be aware. He comes in the breaking of dawn, in the smell of newly cut grass, in the cup of early morning tea, in the reading of the daily newspaper, in the meeting of friends, the phone calls, the mail, the unexpected upset to one's plans, the grocery check-out line, etc. Yes, the sacred is in the ordinary but we must have eyes to see. God is here. Let us approach the day with reverence.

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