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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Practical Gratitude

Today is the birthday of my brother, John, and my grand-niece, Theresa. John, the baby of our family, was born on Thanksgiving and will be sixty-five today! We had eaten our Thanksgiving dinner at my grandmother's when my mother told us that she thought she should go to the hospital instead of going home. Two of my aunts took her while my Dad took us home; my grandmother came to take care of us as my brother George was not yet two years old. Birthdays make me feel grateful for the gift of life. I am still pondering this quote from St. Madeleine Sophie: "We must respond to so many benefits by a practical gratitude."
What did she mean by a practical gratitude? I think it means putting our gratitude into practice by thanking, showing in concrete ways that one is truly grateful. We receive so many gifts daily from God and need to live an attitude of gratefulness, thanking for these many gifts and expressing our gratitude by returning his love and loving others as what we do to the least we do to him.
Happy Birthday John! Happy Birthday Theresa! Happy Birthday Joe!

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