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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Spiritual Wanderings

This is really the last day of the Liturgical Year; I want to take some time today to look back over the year and be accountable for my interior life.
Where have my spiritual wanderings taken me this past year? I remember my days of retreat last Advent and my desire to grow in union with God; my desire and my resolution to make time for prayer each afternoon (a resolution that has not been kept well and therefore I know it was a needed one). I was also going to find time for more spiritual reading. I am glad I have time for prolonged prayer each morning as after that I am caught up in things that are not always essential and do not find quiet time to just be. Centering Prayer on Mondays at the University has been one constant since I started a group there over twenty years ago. It is a great way to begin the week!
My spiritual wanderings have led me to reflect more on the value of relationships and to try to stay in touch with many now scattered all over the world. I have wandered deeper inside my own heart this past year and found much to uproot. Perhaps this Advent will be a time of pulling up interior weeds, casting out clutter, making a lovely garden for the Lord Jesus to come and rest there.
The path is well marked but needs to be cleared, raked smooth, and tended with vigilance as the stones and weeds of selfishness keep appearing in various forms to clog the path. Weeds can choke joy.
Advent is a time of hope and waiting; it is also a time of preparation. What is your hope?

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