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Thursday, November 13, 2008

St. Frances Cabrini

St. Frances Xavier Cabrini was born in Italy, the youngest of thirteen children. When she was twenty-four she began teaching in an orphanage and soon founded the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart. In 1889 she came with six of her sisters to the United States at the request of Pope Leo XIII to work with Italian immigrants. In 1946 she became the first American citizen to be canonized!

"For behold, the Kingdom of God is among you," is what Jesus replied to the Pharisees when they asked when the Kingdom would come. He told us that it is here, in our midst. God is with us. Where God is, there is his Kingdom. God likes to surprise me. He wants to be discovered! He longs to reveal his love to us in so many different ways. May we have eyes to see!
We need to ask for the grace to find God in all. Today, I am having surgery on my right eye and ask for your prayers.

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