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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Strong souls: Philippine Duchesne and Dorothy Day

I felt the need to quote again from The Duty of Delight as I am still reading Dorothy Day's Diaries. This is found on p. 298 for June 7, 1960:
"The other day when writing my article and appeal I threw away my article telling of all our troubles and thought 'this is not what our readers want--to be tortured with tales of broken families, men beating their wives and children, etc.'
I will write happily of June and its beauties. Of course, if you do this you get a double share of complaints from all around you who try to make you see how bad everything is. Still you cannot help but help others by our own repose and joy if you try to maintain it."

So let us remain calm and joyful no matter what the news tells us; we can be moved to compassion and love, but in a deep peace and joy as we know we are loved by God and God loves us and our world and God can do anything! Let us trust and show forth his love and joy in our lives today!
One last bit about St. Philippine Duchesne - Carrollton, the Sacred Heart school in Miami, had a lovely Liturgy in her honor on the Feast and sang one of my favorite hymns to Philippine that I even taught the children in Chile. The words are worth reflecting on so I am copying them here:
Strong was her heart that heard God's voice
When far it called across the sea,
And swiftly came the answer of her love
That gave its all triumphantly.
For thou were ready, Philippine, to let God's zeal take fire in thee!

Hard was the road beneath her fee,
And long it stretched through shadowed years,
But stronger was the love that led her on
And brave the faith that conquered fears;
For God was with thee, Philippine, and drew His harvest from thy tears.

Both St. Philippine and Dorothy Day were strong women who lived for others; women who embraced poverty and who sought to live humble lives full of love for God and others.

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