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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The O Antiphons

Tomorrow we begin the O Antiphons and pray with a different one each day until Christmas. You can find the antiphon of the day in two places: it is part of the Alleluia verse for the Liturgy and, if you say the Divine Office, it is the antiphon before the Magnificat at Vespers each day. The Liturgy of the Hours or the Divine Office, always has an antiphon to be recited before and after each Psalm and canticle. The antiphon will reflect the feast or season and the O Antiphons are special ways to prepare us for the great event of Christ's birth. They are called the "O Antiphons" because each begins with an "O" - the Scripture passages sometimes need a slow and deep meditation to extract the meaning.
When I get to the O Antiphons, I know that Christmas is very near. It is time again to look back at the resolutions made at the beginning of Advent and see what can be done in the next eight days to at least make a stab of keeping what we resolved to do over three weeks ago. The days are shorter in Advent and there seem to be so many little extra things to do - I think I have finally finished sending Christmas cards and then remember another friend whose address I need to find, etc.
We have our tree up but with only lights now and will put the ornaments on next week end. We have planned our Christmas dinner and will probably eat it outside this year as we have been having glorious weather. I feel sorry for all those who are so cold in New England and other parts who are still without power. Again, how much we have to be grateful for and how exciting our lives are when filled with the presence of God!

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