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Friday, June 11, 2010

Feast of the Sacred Heart

I entered the Society of the Sacred Heart on the Feast of the Sacred Heart sixty years ago! It is a beautiful feast and I still remember my feeling of wonder that I was actually following Jesus and giving my life to be with him. I still have some of that wonder along with a great desire still to give my life completely to the one who loves me and shows me such love. His love is still being poured into our hearts today.

I seem to have lost yesterday's blog but it does not matter as I was thinking then of the Letter sent to the entire Society of the Sacred Heart by our Superior General for this year's feast. It is a tradition to write to all the Religious for the Feast of the Sacred Heart and now the letter comes in French, Spanish, and English. It sent me back to the Chapter 2008 Document and has me reflecting on how much I need the Holy Spirit to transform me so as to live united to Jesus. The letter has several questions to reflect on and calls to deepen. I was struck by the need to reflect on how Justice and Peace and the Integrity of Creation are part of our charism and how am I living this?

We will have a Liturgy this evening and renew our vows (a tradition of devotion) in union with the whole Society. I will be thinking of that day sixty years ago when I stopped for a quick visit with Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament on the eve of the Feast before walking over to the Novitiate at Kenwood. What a wonderful journey I have been on with the Lord for sixty years!! I need to spend today thanking and celebrating his love. I am the lost sheep that he loves!

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