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Monday, June 28, 2010

Water and a contemplative attitude

Alone in a boat in a quiet sea is an image that seems very contemplative to me. I suspect I feel a bit like that when swimming alone.

I have started back to water exercise and it is so good to be there again. There are usually a group of about twenty-five women and a few men and all begin to smile as they do the exercises in the water for an hour. The instructor is a very friendly, caring person and tries also to plan an outing every month. I first started going over ten years ago but somehow, last year, I just never managed to get there. Now I hope I am back on a schedule to go three or four times a week. It may mean writing my blog the night before or just writing it later in the day. I heard today that one of my friends has been put in a nursing home by her relatives far from Miami. I will try to stay in touch as it was very hard for her to leave her home here and she was not able to say good-bye and found it very hard to leave. Her name is Carrie and let us pray for her.

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