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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Pockets of Silence

The other day I received the the sixth issue of "Contemplative Connections" sent out by the Merton Institute for Contemplative Living. Today I will quote one paragraph for our reflection.
"Contemplative living calls us to rest within the pockets of silence in our lives. These pockets are opportunities to listen to ourselves, God, others, and all of creation. When we listen first and then respond in both verbal and non-verbal ways, we are replenished. We find the strength to release the debris that forms the barrier to our true selves and that prevents our ability to enter into the deep, sustainable relationships with God, others, and nature."

I guess I was struck by the image of "pockets of silence" and began to think where these were in my daily life. If these are opportunities, it is important to find these pockets and even create some new ones. After all, as another quote from this same page will tell us: "Contemplative living is a radical yet simple means of discovering who we truly are by entering into deep relationships with ourselves, God, others, and nature. To live contemplatively is to be in the present moment while being aware of life unfolding." Then we will be able to respond intentionally, consciously, and without judgment to what occurs in our lives.

Last night one of our Sisters from Cuba came to dinner and told us about a program they are using the has three parts. The first is just concerned with mental health; the second is all about silence; and the third introduces Christ and Christian living. I thought it interesting that they value silence so much that it is what the whole second section of the program is about. I think the program came from Spain and I did not get the name of it, but the first past has been helpful to many and has been prolonged.

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