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Friday, June 4, 2010

What patterns do you see in God's action in your life?

Flowers in patterns was the name I gave this picture which I just found stored in my documents. It made me think that there are patterns in my own life that I need to both discern and remember. God acts in each one differently as God made each of us unique. I need to reflect on the way God calls me, comes to me, speaks to me in daily life.

What are the patterns you see in your own ordinary life that are God's way of acting in you and with you and for you? I am reflecting on this today and may want to look at my old journals for help in discerning the patterns for myself. Is it important? I suspect it is as I find that if I recognize a pattern in someone who comes to me for spiritual direction and point out God's way of acting in his or her life, it seems to make a big difference. I know something of the design or pattern of the tapestry God is trying to weave out of my life, but I think I often fail to reflect on the repetition of God's action in my life.

What triggered today's reflection? I suspect it is the fact that I am reading again the life of Reverend Mother Benziger. I am firmly convinced that reading the lives of some of our great Religious is a way to deepen my own spirituality and Mother Benziger was one who had a great influence on me. The first time I met her was in Rome where she was the Assistant General in Charge of the English-speaking vicariates. (We had not yet become "provinces"). I went over to give her a hug that her sister, Mother LuLu Benziger has sent her. She hugged me back and said, "Sister, in all the years I have been here at the Mother House my sister sends me a hug with those who pass through Kenwood on their way here, but you are the first to actually give me a hug from her!" Then she asked me about my prayer and I found that I could talk with ease with her about my relationship with God and it was the beginning of a wonderful spiritual friendship with her.

Be sure to check out the Blog I have added on the right side of the page under my Blogs as the Concord Pastor is posting good things and now is the novena for the Feast of the Sacred Heart!

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