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Wednesday, June 23, 2010


If you are invited to go for a walk down this path, with whom would you like to walk with you? What would you want to talk about? Would you be comfortable with silence? I have just read an article about the problems at the border with Mexico. It always seems strange to me how we have no trouble letting people go back and forth to Canada but we refuse to allow people to come in from Mexico. They even stopped the statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe! This is not much of a reflection today but I think the whole question of immigration is one to take to prayer. When I look at the United States and know that we all came from other countries at one time or other with the exception of the Native Americans who we have not treated well either, I am ashamed that we are so complicated with our immigration laws. If the children are born here, they are American and allowed to stay but we are actually deporting the parents because they came here to work and did not get the proper papers and so are considered "illegal" and can be put in jail even if they have lived here for years and have not even had a traffic ticket! I know we need to reform the laws and to do it with compassion as well as justice.

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