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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Fire of God

This poem of Joyce Rupp was part of the prayer one of my community prepared for my birthday on Monday. It was a lovely day and I think this may be the best year of my life and I hope I will be able to give joy to God and others. Here is the poem which I am still praying over:

I wanted it.
Desired it greatly.
Yearned for its coming.

But when it did come
I fought, resisted,
ran, hid away.

I said, "Go home!"

I didn't know
the fire of God
could be more
than a gentle glow
or a cozy consolation.

I didn't know
it could come
as a blaze.

A wildfire
searing my soul.
chasing my old ways,
smoking them out.

Only when I stopped running,
gave up the chase,
did I know the fire's flaming
as consolation and joy.

Only then
could I welcome
the One whose fire
I had long sought.

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