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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Autmn Colors

One thing I miss in Florida is the turning of the leaves and then the fallen leaves ready to be raked in brisk, cool weather. Here most of our trees stay green all year so I am going to borrow autumn images for this blog as we approach Halloween and the Feast of All Saints.
I came across this quote yesterday which spoke to me and so I pass it on to all of you:
" The Heart of Jesus is our consolation in our doubts, in our temptations, , after our faults, in our troubles...let us go to Him...let us open our hearts and speak of all that we love or regret. If we open our hearts to Jesus, He will open His own to us." This is from a letter of a former Mother General, Manuela Vincente. I think the Lord waits for us to come to Him and wants to console us no matter what is happening in our lives and our world. Let us go to the Heart of Jesus and find there all we need.

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