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Friday, October 29, 2010

Other Blogs

I am aware that there are many blogs that are really worth reading. The ones I have listed on the right side of my blog are the ones that I try to read regularly; after reading other blogs, I wonder why I am still trying to post daily. Then, I remember that I usually wait for the Holy Spirit to move my fingers to get something posted and so I keep on putting whatever comes into my head to share with you. Today I am using as a walking prayer, "Sacred Heart of Jesus, to your burning love I unite myself" and find it helpful. I also found the homily at noon Mass yesterday on prayer very helpful. Luke's Gospel really says a great deal about prayer - the prayer of Jesus (yesterday was how Jesus spent the entire night on the mountain in prayer before He chose his twelve Apostles), moments when He prayed and the parables about prayer such as we had last week with the Pharisee and the Publican. This Sunday we have Jesus changes his plans because someone wanted to see Him enough to run ahead and climb a tree. Jesus invites Himself to stay in his home and tells him to "Come down quickly". He came down "quickly" and received Jesus with joy.

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