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Monday, October 18, 2010

St. Charles, Home of both Philippine and Lucile Mathevon

The picture is of the "new" shrine at St. Charles where I prayed for all of my readers. I arrived on Wednesday evening, rented a car and drove to St. Charles. On Thursday I went to visit a friend in St. Louis and also worked in the archives at St. Charles reading the Journal that St. Philippine Duchesne kept from the foundation of the first houses in Missouri. On Friday, I met my sister-in-law who was in St. Louis from Arizona to visit her mother. Her mother took us to lunch and we had a delightful visit that made me late to begin the week end seminar on spiritual accompaniment for youth at St. Charles. I was with about thirty-four other RSCJs and we learned how to plan and give several types of retreats that could be for faculty, staff, parents, and Board members as well as for young people. The three retreats that interested me are: the Busy Persons' Retreat, the Land/Place Retreat, and the Life Directions Retreat. We also learned about the "hiking retreat" from those who gave this for college students last year. I think I will try to teach our campus ministers about the Retreat for Busy Persons so they could offer this at the different Universities that they are ministering to this year. I like the idea of offering it during Lent.
The second week end (after a week working in the national archives in St. Louis), I went on a pilgrimage to Sugar Creek where both St. Philippine and Lucile Mathevon worked with the Potawatomi Indians; we had the school for the Indian girls and the Jesuits had the boys. In 1848 we went with the Indians to St. Mary's, Kansas. I will continue this tomorrow.

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