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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Mater's Feast is on October 20 but celebrated today in Miami

I am just back from a wonderful Liturgy in honor of Mater. Many of us were dressed in pink in her honor and the middle school choir sang so well and one felt proud to be a child of the Sacred Heart. Many of the Cuban alumnae wore their Child of Mary medals and we had a call to create stillness in our own lives to realize the call of Christ in the world today.

I had to get new tires for my car! I had the second flat tire yesterday and was parked at my doctor's office. I blamed my blood pressure on the flat tire so my doctor came out and actually put air into the tire and called the garage where he always takes his cars and told them I needed new tires as mine were in a terrible condition. Actually, the rubber was peeling off of the tires. So, now I have four beautiful tires and the car feels so much better and safer. I am thanking Mater and asking her to thank both my doctor and the garage that ordered the tires and put them on the car today. Because of all of this, I am not telling you more about my trip today but visions of Sugar Creek and St. Mary's, Kansas, are still floating around in my head, especially the walk in the woods in the park dedicated to Rose Philippine Duchesne; one can see the probable foundations of the cabin the nuns lived in while at Sugar Creek. I have an acorn from an oak tree near the path in front of the cabin's foundations. It was so quiet and peaceful there and I am trying to keep the atmosphere in my soul amid the many chores waiting for me today. The picture of Mater helps!

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