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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Advent Hope

It is not snowing here, but we feel a bit like the birds in the picture as this is our first "cold" spell of the year. I dug out my sweaters this morning and wore a red one to Mass over a white pull over- I guess it has been at least ten months since I have wanted to wear sweaters and I also put a blanket on my bed and I suspect that is the first time in two years! All of which shows you how spoiled we are in Miami with sunshine and warm weather all year.
I was thinking about hope and joy and gratitude and how we should be feeling all of these with excitement during these days. I suspect that Mary and Joseph must have had some of these emotions mixed with feeling a great deal of trust.
My invocation now is "Sacred Heart of Jesus, to your silence I unite myself>" and I am going to try to have some silence tonight as it was quite a busy day. I came in with the groceries and forgot that I had turned the alarm on this morning when I went to the University. Fortunately, as I was going back for the mail, I saw it flashing and then heard it so rushed to call the alarm company before they sent the police. I have a nice prayer for tomorrow's blog, but this will do for today as I am writing on the eve of posting since tomorrow is another busy day!

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