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Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's Eve

While we spend the day in prayer reviewing the year, I do not want to forget that the three kings are still on their journey to find the new-born King. One of my friends thought that she would write her own O Antiphons this year and has given me permission to share them with you. I suspect they make a good meditation for this last day of the year!

O Antiphons for the 21st Century

O King of Kings,

Who separated the light from the darkness,

Bring those who life in the darkness of alcohol and drug abuse into the greater thrill of Your Presence.

O Immanuel,

Who listened to the Canaanite woman who begged for her child asking for the crumbs under the table,

Remind us that you “created them in your image, male and female” so that all may treat women with respect and as children of God, not as beasts of the field.

O you who was Named the Son of the Most High,

Who asked for water from a “foreign” woman,

Take away our fear of differences and bring about unity and peace within our communities and the world.

O Great High Priest,

Who provided manna in the wilderness,

Show us how to feed each other so that no one need be hungry.

O Deliverer,

Who led Joseph to flee to save the infant Jesus from slaughter,

Save our infants and children from the abuse and deprivation that many experience in our time.

O Omega, the last to come as well as the first to be,

Who created all things and declared them good,

Give us the knowledge to explore your creation with goodness and love and not the evil of exploitation.

O Messiah,

Who brought water from a rock,

Bring Your water to all that thirst,

Bring us Your Kingdom.

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